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History and Heritage of The Royal Isle of Bute

It is always better to understand the history as well as heritage of a place, when you want to explore it. Therefore, this article shall provide you most useful information with respect to the ancient living of the people and city of Bute.

History of Bute

The history of Bute civilization is quite old and dates from ancient times. Since about thousands of years, Isle of Bute of island of Bute is being treasured by its people. This wonderful island has witnessed lot of things right from arrival of hunters and gatherers, to the time when ice glaciers were retreated. Then its history continues to Stone Age, and Bronze Age, then into iron ages. Still Bute island is welcoming kings and invaders of Scotland from time to time. The proof that counts is a necklace of Queen of Inch that was found which dates back 2000 BC. The jewelry was made from jet and was discovered in a cist. Gaelic people settled here and captivated in Cenel Comgall region of the Dal Riata.

This island was in control of Norse and then was included in the Kingdom of Isles that was then rules by Crovan dynasty. Later, in around 12th century, Bute island came under the power of Somerled who was the Lord of Argyll. Additionally, descendants of Clann Somhairle too controlled this beautiful island of Bute. Coming further to 13th century, Bute went into the control of other King and his family of Steward of Scotland. This family was in charge of Bute for a long time, and during the time of conflict that began among the descendants of Somerled. Later in 1940s and then in 1950s, Bute helped many people and even served as headquarters during World Word II. This island became a house for large group of officers and armed forces.

Heritage and Culture of Bute

Even in modern times, Isle of Bute continues to keep Royal connections that date back to about hundred long years. Duke of Rothesay is official title that is given to person who heirs British throne, and the present title is given to Prince Charles or the official Prince of Wales. Island of Bute is truly an incredible place as it has the influence of fortunes, power and kings, from the majestic Mount Stuart to the charisma of Rothesay Castle. Bute is known to be a heritage paradise which is known for its archaeology. The human occupation of this island is since 5,500 years and there are plenty of examples proving it, such as the standing stones, cup markings, chambered cairns and cists. This island even shows off impressive assortment of ancient Christian sites like the St Blanes Chapel which is standing from 12th century.

Bute is basically the ancestral domicile of the Scotlands Stuart Kings. The famous Rothesay Castle of this island was built by Stewart back before 800 years. It is very unique with circular design and a moat perimeter. It has witnessed many attacks such as Viking invasion in the year 1311, then it was destroyed too in the year 1659 and burned in 1685. However, the heritage of Bute is remarkable and thus it was later restored by took a long time. Well, this was the culture, history and heritage that is taking Isle of Bute to a greater extent and recognizable part of world.

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